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A collection of electrical accessories to assist in residential and commercial situations.

Precision offers a versatile array of electrical accessories to assist in solving any electrical problems. We offer a range of power strips, doorbells, plug tops, boxes, and extension boards. The idea is to thoroughly serve the living community, and that requires a closer inspection of all the electrical amenities that need ancillary products to get the most out of them.

    A canny solution to connect multiple electrical appliances.

    Precision offers a practical solution to the problem of multiple electrical appliances in modern residential and commercial spaces. As modern needs increase the energy input, more appliances require connection to the power supply. As a result, the necessity of multiple plug-point power strips cannot be understated and it is convenient to provide them along with your other electrical products.

    Electronic Ding Dong Door Bell Switch
    Ding Dong Bell DB01
    Ding Dong Tune Door Bell for Office/Home
    Diamond Ding Dong Bell DB02
    Deluxe Ding Dong Door Bell Switch
    Blue Strip Bell
    Musical Bulbul Ding Dong Door Bell Switch
    Church/Temple Bell - DB 04
    Musical mantra Ding Dong Door Bell Switch
    Musical Bell - DB 05

    Elegant doorbells intoning in clean musical voices.

    We offer a range of hi-tech doorbell variations that serve crystal clear tones over a large range of residential or commercial space. These accessories are essential to the immediate needs of occupants who you are providing for, over the course of your contract. Do not sacrifice the quality they provide over the course of their significant shelf-life.

    3 Pin Plug Tops - 6 Amp
    6 Amp 3 Pin Plug Top
    (With indi) PT- i 06
    3 Pin Plug Tops - 16 Amp
    16 Amp 3 Pin Plug Top
    (With indi) PT- i 16
    3 Pin Plug Tops - 6 Amp
    6 Amp. 3 Pin Plug Top PT 06
    Precision 3-Pin 16 A Plug Top (White)
    16 Amp. 3 Pin Plug Top PT 16
    3 Pin Universal Multi Plug Top
    Universal Multi-Plug PT US
    3 Pin Universal Multi Plug Top
    Universal Multi-Plug Small
    PT USS

    A prudent collection of pin plugs and universal adapters.

    Through the provision of this group of products, you can assist your customers in a helpful variety of ways. The necessity of connecting varying pin plug types to the various outlets in a residential or commercial space has to be satisfied. These pin plugs and adapters fall in the essential power range of 6 A to 16 A.

    Batten Holders Manufacturers & Suppliers
    CR11M | CR12M
    Batten Holder Metal Ring
    Angle Holder Metal Ring
    Batten Holders Manufacturers & Suppliers
    Fancy Jumbo Batten Holder
    Precision's Fancy Batten Holder
    Fancy Batten Holder Metal Ring
    Electrical Angle Holder
    Fancy Angle Holder Metal Ring
    Modular Holder at Best Price in Mumbai
    Fancy Moduler Angle
    Holder 4.5"x4.5"
    Modular Holder at Best Price in Mumbai
    Fancy Modular Batten
    Holder 4.5"x4.5"
    Decorative Ceiling Rose
    3 Pin Ceiling Roses by Precision Electricals
    Modular Ceiling Rose
    Modular Fancy C/R 4.5

    An eclectic collection of modular and non-modular light holders.

    The essential process of lighting in any residential or commercial space requires a fair degree of aesthetic and utilitarian sensibility. Get the best of both aspects here, by providing your customers with a plethora of light holders: angle holders, batten holders, ceiling roses, and modular holders. The sense of style in this product range is unmistakable.

    Male - Female CR13
    Male - Female CR13
    2Pin Top Plug
    2 Pin Top CR14
    Pendant Holder for Electrical Fitting at affordable prices
    Pendant Holder CR15
    Multi Holder Pendant Adaptor
    Multi Pendant Holder CR16
    Electrical adapters
    Adapter CR17
    Plastic Buzzer Bell
    Buzzer Bell BZ01
    Insulation Tape
    Insulation Tape
    6 Meter
    Insulation Tape
    Insulation Tape
    15 Meter

    A handy assortment of miscellaneous accessories for electrical usage.

    There is always a gap between what is popular and what is needed. You can fill this gap with our range of miscellaneous electrical products that serve niche but essential functions. Provide customers with compact 2-pin plug tops and adapters, pendant holders, male-female pin plugs, and buzzer bells. The uses are many.

    Gang Box

    Electrical Gang Box Manufacturers
    modular gang box
    electrical gang box
    Modular Surface Gang Box Module 18
    Gang Box Blue
    Gang Box Blue

    Safely house electrical wiring and components of a building through these plastic gang boxes.

    As gang box manufacturers, Precision offers an easy and inexpensive method for residential builders to bunch their electrical cables and components. The gang boxes come in various sizes of 1 to 8 gang, to serve a greater range of uses.

    G.I Box

    Galvanised iron Concealed Electrical Box
    GI Modular Concealed metal Box

    Safely house larger electrical conduits in industrial and commercial buildings through galvanized iron boxes.

    This type of concealed metal box is set in an aluminium foamwork shuttering system, also known as MIVAN shuttering. Cover plates are used when concrete is undergoing shuttering. For a concealed electrical box, they undergo 100 hours of Load and Salt Spray testing and then the concealed box is made temper free. Find them in the appropriate dimensions and get a quick and easy installation.

    Concealed PVC Boxes

    PVC Concealed Box
    PVC Concealed Box

    Surface Box

    White PVC Open Surface Modular Box
    Four Horizontal Modular Surface Gang Box in white
    surface box manufacturers
    White PVC Wall Mounted Electrical Surface Box suppliers

    These electrical accessories are used when builders refrain from concealing wires and gang boxes in the walls, instead of bunching them in boxes that line the surface. Safely house electrical wiring and components of a building through these polycarbonate boxes.

    Smart AC Box - 25A

    AC Boxes
    AC Box

    A handy accessory where plug points are few and far between.

    This series of extension boards helps connect various appliances to the power supply, over large distances. The functions extend to indoor and outdoor usage. This product range is usable in residential as well as industrial settings, able to take on light machinery and household appliances. Make an impact with your customers with this versatile product.

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