Series 5: Modular Switch Manufacturer | Precision Electricals

Modular electrical switches that blend affordability with artistry
Precision’s Series 5 bridges the difference between the elite and the basic. Avoiding the pitfalls of parochial aesthetic, we offer a range of components that soften the visual differences between your home decor and our products. We use standardized and well-tested polycarbonates with most of the products in our inventory:
Modular Switches | Sockets | Regulators | Support Accessories | MCBs | Fixing Plates.


Modular electrical switches that imply a resolute sense of style to your surroundings.

Precision’s Series 5 of modular switches offers attractive components in several colour variants, which can only safeguard the aesthetic of the interior. The clientele for whom it will provide will enjoy a thorough range of switch sizes, switch orientations, indicators, and voltages. Undoubtedly, safety is another priority, and we supply burn-proof and microbe-resistant surfaces, shutters, spark shields, and guided rocker plungers with this midmarket range.

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